Ann Drury

Ann Drury is co-founder of Up North Foodies, along with her sister, Paula McIntyre. Friends and family call her "whip-a-meal" as she is always ready to conjure up something using whatever ingredients are available. She is a retired TCAPS teacher and currently divides her time between her rural home in TC and her sailboat "Kyeta" berthed in the Caribbean Islands. Whether at home or on the boat, producing and/or using local goods and products is the norm - garden crops, maple sap, fish and meat. Her cookbooks fill numerous shelves at home and on the boat. She is a member of Oryana, frequenter of local farmers' markets, and part of a long-standing gourmet dinner club.


Blueberries at Buchans!

Blueberries ripe and abundant.


NMC Registation for Fall Extended Ed Culinary Classes

NMC registration for fall extended education classes begins August 4, 2009.


Dehydrating Fall Bounty

It's autumn and once again we hear comments of "what do I do with all this produce...?" Nancy Krcek Allen's High and Dry describes her re-interpreted and revitalized way of dehydrating food. She offers a list of tips for dehydrating and a few recipes for some very unique snacks: Eggplant Bacon, Corn Chips with fresh corn, spices and pumpkin seeds, and Curry Crackers made with summer squash or zucchini. She notes that dehydrating foods has become a way of food preparation for people on gluten free diets.

Epicurean Classic 2008 Friday Night Event at Oryana

Chef Matthew Kenney of raw food fame will feature foods from his latest cookbook, Everyday Raw, at a reception hosted by Oryana Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. The reception is free and reservations are not needed. A great way to sample some of the local harvest.

North Meets South - August ‘08 Dinner Club

August Dinner Club for eight features Caribbean Menu with *up north ingredients: Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin with Jalapeno-Lime Salsa, Viola's Corn and Hazelnut Spoon Bread, Mesclun Salad with Jalapeno Orange Cream, Starfruit Nutted Rice with Raisons, Curried Long Beans, Almond Fruit Tart with Lemon Cream

*denotes local food substitute in recipes


It’s Cruising Time Again

Kyeta cruising Lake Michigan

July and August seem to be the months most sailors...head to distant anchorages...Memories of our cruising days elicit thoughts of provisioning for the weeks on board.


What’s In a Chard?

All you ever wanted to know about chard. Check out Sally Ketchum's Record Eagle column "In the Kitchen: The truth about chard." Sheds a whole new light on this often disliked veggie. The Chard/Feta Torte sounds delicious, can't wait to try it.


Raspberries Almost Ready To Pick

Mark the calendar - mid-July for ripe raspberries. In Cymbre Foster's Delicate and Delicious article, the Guntvillers and Coopers of Elk Rapids share picking tips, as well as hints for storing and using these summer delicacies. They say the best way to enjoy raspberries is to eat them fresh... Calling my sisters for another jam day! How many jars can we make this time?

“Private Labels” and “Festival Wine”

It's here again - cherry season. Time for cherry connoisseurs near and far. Kelsey Lauer reports the National Cherry Festival debuts its "Private Label" series, a Brownwood Farms creation of cherry products - salsa, barbecue sauce and royal sauce. The label design showcases the artwork of local TBA Career Tech student, Nathan Springstead. Chateau Grand Traverse, a Traverse City winery, continues to produce its "Festival Wine", a blend of cherry and premium white wines. And just in time for the festivities.

Memories of spring beckon us north . . . morels, asparagus, greens, berries . . .

We're home again from wintering in the Caribbean where we frequent local markets. . .


Musings of a Maple Syrup Hobbyist

We hear the sap is running, it is "Maple Syrup Time" at home. First made by the indigenous people, maple syrup is now a business in the northeastern US, but for my husband, Dennis Lautner, it is a hobby. He makes 15 to 20 gallons each year to share with family and friends. When we left Traverse City in 2003, we stocked the boat larder with numerous pint-sized jugs of "Wild Denny's" - nature's finest sweeter. Our intent was to share the bounty with people along the way who helped us out in various situations. All along the US waterways people were grateful; a little note thanking them for whatever, indicated that it was "homemade." In the Caribbean, Denny always had to explain what it was, how it was made and what one used it for. Most of the locals had not experienced maple syrup before. Now that we are never home in the spring we've relied on friends and family to take over the production of our maple syrup. When they visit in the spring and when we come home for hurricane season our boat supply is restocked.


Savor Michigan Cookbook Highlights Northern Michigan Restaurants

The addition of Michigan locales to Chuck and Blanche Johnson's Savor Cookbook series is an inviting look at some of our favorite area restaurants. Traverse Epicurean Classic's Matt Sutherland's involvement in this publication lends credence to the choices therein. An interesting bit of history about each restaurant prefaces recipes just waiting to be tried.


Goats - Deer hum!  Any connection?

My husband, Dennis keeps eyeing the local goat herds that wander the islands of the SE Caribbean and I think, missing the annual deer season in Michigan. An avid hunter, he kept us supplied with venison for the last thirty years. We've eaten venison in a variety of ways. One of our favorites was served a number of years ago at a wild game dinner at our home.


Don’t Like Swiss Chard - Try This!

The swiss chard is ripe and abundant this time of year, but getting people to eat and like it is sometimes a challenge. This Bright Lights Chard Gratin is a hit with my household. It was adapted from a recipe included in a favorite cookbook we've been using for a few years, Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating From America's Farmers' Markets by Deborah Madison.


The Rustic Gourmet: Earthy Elegance from the Woods of Northern Michigan - A Book Review

The Rustic Gourmet Cookbook

Marie Hanis, local cookbook author, masterfully combines her talents as culinarian and essayist in ten chapters of "I have to try it" recipes.


Maggie Long - A Meal Inspired by the Garden’s Bounty

Chef Maggie Long prepping tomatoes during her talk at Epicurean Classic.

Maggie Long, group chef for Mission Management, presented this delicious menu to a full house at the Epicurean Classic Friday afternoon. Her career includes cooking for such fine restaurants as Stafford's Bay View Inn and The Moveable Feast in Ann Arbor. Notice all of the ingredients used that you can get right from your own garden or CSA. The menu celebrates end-of-summer flavors, Maggie explained, and she grouped foods that she thought sounded good together. The recipes aren't available elsewhere, but she readily agreed to share them on Up North Foodies. Thanks Maggie!


Blueberry Crisp

Finally a "crisp" that folks like - not too sweet, not too heavy.


Fresh Food Partnership Effort

Fresh Food Partnership getting healthy fresh food where it's needed.


The Prolific Cuke

Cukes and Onions in Vinegar

How many cukes? How many ways?


August Dinner Club

Enjoying a meal with Dinner Club.

Our latest dinner highlighted produce from local CSAs, farmers' markets and Lake Michigan.


Dinner Club

"The Dinner Club" (a group of eight local people) continues to meet after fourteen years - from wild game dinners to Jimmy Buffett parties, we've sampled tastes from around the world and back. Our latest dinner highlights local produce from CSAs, farmers' markets and Lake Michigan. Sign on and share new ideas for menus or themes .


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