Pigstock TC


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For professional chefs and food "decision makers" - Pigstock TC.

A bit of food mayhem - sorry, just had to say that.

This is a professional chefs and food professionals only event.We'll be going "whole hog" on Michigan Mangalitsa pigs, from slaughter to seam butchery, to charcuterie and cooking/pastry.

Pigstock Traverse City is your opportunity to work with this hog in an extremely intimate three-day event, scheduled for Nov 1-3. You will observe and experience hands-on the raising, slaughter, and processing of Mangalitsas from start to finish. You will learn Old World methods of seam butchery, which allow for more complete utilization of the whole animal and are especially designed for high-quality whole-muscle preparations.

Among true connoisseurs of salumi & charcuterie, the Mangalitsa hog is considered among the best sources anywhere. Though less well-known that it's Spanish cousin the Iberian Black hog, Mangalitsas have a similar ability to put on fat. And anyone who's made tasty treats with pork, knows that lots of fat is essential to the best flavor, texture, & mouthfeel!

If you can't get in this year, don't worry, we hope to make this an annual affair.

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Arhur Doerscher

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello, my sister and I are thinking of adding this type of hog to raise. We would like to target the Chicago area to supply to.

We live in Northern Indiana and would like any ideas for marketing this hog to the market since there is a very large Polish and German population in Chicago and just north in Wisconsin.

My Sister has a degree in Cooking having received a degree from New Hampshire as well as taking classes in France and Italy.

Any information would be appreciated and would like very much to partner with you in any way you would like to gather experience.

Thank you for your article and we are looking forward to meeting you, sincerely Art Doerscher and Leona Tankersley.